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Hi Ronnie

I've been meaning to write to you for a while now. To say that it went as well as it possibly could have, would be an understatement.

He was calm in the car, slept most of the way. Got home, explored our bedroom. No hiding under the bed or nervousness. We introduced him to the dog later that night and it was friends forever from the word go.

He loves biting toes, both human and canine. Sleeps under the blankets. He takes turn to sit with and play with everyone in the house. He's always exited to see guests.  He eats well, uses his litter tray.out. He's going for his second vaccination this week, and we're having him neutered towards the end of the month.

He is everything we could have hoped for, and more. I'm attaching a few photos of his life with us. He is very much loved by everyone that meets him.

So thank you, we could not be happier with our new baby.


Marius, Lizette and Alxander


Hi Ronnie,

Vegas ia an adorable cat, lots and lots of fun and is CRAZY for people company so we get lots of cuddles.  She’s unbelievably tolerant of our 18 month old, he is constantly tormenting her and she still loves him to death and wants to be around him all the time!!  Plus I’ve never had a hint of allergies since we got her!

kind Regards

Debbie McKinnie


Hi Ronnie,

Just a quick email to thank you for delivering Vika to us. We have decided to call her “Cleo” short for Cleopatra.  We were considering “Temper” (based on the Trade Me photos) but she is just too happy! She has settled into our house with no problems. Last night she taught the dogs who is the boss (which I was expecting) by playing with their tails which they were not too happy with ,so they now know not to push their luck! Just like my last La Perm, I have lost ownership of my lap and it is now the default destination for Cleo when I come home. She has taken immediately to the litter box and has had no accidents at all. She has had no problems with her appetite, more than happy to graze all day and has managed to Teach the dogs that her bowl is a no go! Brilliant. Thank you so much for giving up such an amazing pet. The Kids love her and she seems very at home. I will send you some photos a little later on and get on to the next vaccination and de-sexing. If anyone I know falls in love with Cleo as we have and want a pet like this you will be the only person I put forward.

Again, thank you so much!  

Cheers Justin Reay


Hi Ronnie,

I thought it was time to email you again to tell you how Freckles is doing. Well she is a delight!!! We love having her with us! She follows us everywhere and is the most affectionate and cuddly puss. Mackenzie adores her and can be found every morning patting her and telling her how much she loves her. She has had a couple of altercations with the neighbours cat but she doesn't back down and hasn't had more then a couple of scratches, and there seems to be no other cats to worry about. She doesn't  leave our property much and spends most of her time relaxing in the sun either in the garden or inside waiting for us to get home for a cuddle. She has also had a trip to my parents farm to see how she would go coming on holiday with us and she loved exploring outside and my parents too. So thank you so much for sharing Freckles with us she is an absolute treasure!



Hi Ronnie,

Just thought I’d drop you a quick message to say that Smudge is doing great and we are so loving him being a part of our family.

He’s mischief on four legs, galloping up and down the hallway, bringing us his ‘fish’ toy to throw for him.  And sitting on a lap asleep too of course! I’ll attach a couple of photos – it was a bit hard to get a photo as he’s on the move at present.  These are of him having a little ride and play in the wood basket while Andrew’s bringing wood in.  Smudge had his jabs this week and we’ll book his neutering in the next little while as requested. He’s getting bigger and longer, and learned to use a gentle mouth on hands.  He’s waiting now to get outside, learning to use his harness. It’s so funny, although Smudge is Andrew’s cat, Michael our seven year old just loves him and thanks God every night for his pussy!  They get on really well with each other over all and it’s so much fun to have a pet to play with as well as those delicious snuggles. Thanks for all your help in getting Smudge to us!




I thought I'd give you an update on Felix,  he has now settled into our house nicely,  and is good friends with our dog.

He has quite a personality, and loves to follow us around the house. He loves it when we have visitors over and takes the opportunity to smooch with new people. Everyone is amazed at his  fur and personality. He is always waiting  for us on the fence when  he hears us coming up the driveway, and then jumps through a window into the house to meet us again at the front door, and is always very talkative.  He will often sit up on a perch and look out over the valley, looking out for birds I guess, he hasn't caught any yet but he has brought back  a few lizards. We love having him as part of family.

Kindest regards

Ash and Catherine


WhitiKitty Kattery



Home of the most loveable La Perms!!

La perm stands for curly and that's what they are ... smooches and hugs, they sure are the star,

of affection and love they can offer you more ... than just a meow and a scratch on the door.


Their coats are wavy of which they won't drop ... on your bed, on the couch or where ever they stop.

Once you've owned a LaPerm, you too will agree, they're the best-est of cats, just wait... you'll see!!

These babies are brought up in our home underfoot (NOT in a cattery) enjoying lots of social interaction with other cats, dogs and our extended menagerie of others, this ensures they are well socailsed before coming home with you.

La Perms are famous for their curly coat. This sets them apart from the rest. They are also VERY affectionate and will follow you everywhere but are also willing to sit happily on your knee for hours. They just LOVE people and to smooch and purr of course.  As their hair is extremely low shedding they are considered to be hypo-allergenic in most cases, so if you suffer from allergies, this is the cat for you!!Insert body text here ...

kittenslittertwo kittenslitterfour kittenslitterone

Our kittens are sold for pets only (with a de-sexing contract). They will be registered with Catz Inc, vet checked, wormed, de-flead and will have had their 1st vaccination. We will even give you 6 weeks worth of pet insurance FREE!

We will require a deposit of $ 100 to secure your kitten.

So, if you're toying with the idea of getting a dog but don't want all the hassles that go with one, then perhaps our lovable La Perms are just the pets you're looking for.... Exceptionally doglike in their affection, loyalty and intelligence, the La Perm is a people/companion oriented breed, scampish by nature, extrovert and energetic - a dog without all the work! Great for families and children as they crave active involvement in your life.

kittenslitterthree Frankie

To avoid dissapointment.. don't delay contact us today!!

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